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Please view the resources below to learn about important CLIHTF policy changes and updates. 

Important Special Initiatives Transfer Update

Special Initiative Transfer Notice

2023 Income Limits Up to 30%

10% Area
Median Income
15% Area
Median Income
20% Area
Median Income

30% Area
Median Income
1 person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
5 persons
6 persons
7 persons
8 persons
9 persons
10 persons

All Upcoming Payment Request Must be Submitted in Trust Fund Central

Please note that on July 31st, 2022 CLIHTF  transitioned to a new document management system, Trust Fund Central. Property owners no longer have access to the CLINKED portal.

Property owners must become familiar with navigating Trust Fund Central so that they can utilize this new system to ensure that their properties follow CLIHTF’s Rental Subsidy Program guidelines. The training sessions below will focus on showing property owners how to use Trust Fund Central effectively and provide property owners with the opportunity to ask questions about the new system. Please click on the dates in the table below to register for at least one of the upcoming Trust Fund Central Introductory Training Sessions

Trust Fund Central Introductory Training Session Schedule for Fall

Tuesday Sessions- 12:30 - 2:30 PM CST 
Thursday Sessions- 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM CST

CLIHTF Change of Ownership Procedures

The following steps must be taken by all property owners who choose to sell buildings with CLIHTF units:

  1. The current participant (owner only, not property manager) must reach out to their Trust Fund liaison within 60 days of the sale to notify the Trust Fund that they are selling the property.
  2. Once the property is sold, the old owner must provide the new owner with CLIHTF's general overview information and program guide.
  3. The old owner must also provide CLIHTF with the ownership transfer information.
  4. CLIHTF will reach out to the new property owner to ask if they would like to participate in the Rental Subsidy Program.
  5. If the new owner wishes to move forward with CLIHTF, they must complete an application and provide CLIHTF with the new ownership structure. The new owner will receive an annual agreement and quarterly payments from CLIHTF pending Board approval.
  6. If the new owner does not wish to move forward with CLIHTF, "Move Letters" will be sent to the tenants residing in CLIHTF units at the property, and they will have the opportunity to move with the CLIHTF subsidy.

Change of Ownership Resources

General Overview

More Information

More information about the Rental Subsidy Program can be found in the Program Guide.